Welcome to FC Charleston

At FC Charleston we seek to reaffirm soccer as a community. We focus on developing well-rounded athletes in a team-orientated environment, with emphasis on group achievement and success. We will forge life-long friendships, connections, and relationships that will extend far beyond the soccer pitch.

Take control of your child’s soccer experience: cost, facilities, travel, coaching, tournaments and more.

  1. Cone


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  2. Sheet

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    • Spring Season Training Begins Jan 18. 
    • Spring Season Begins Feb 15.  

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  3. Sweetfeet


    • 8-week program for young players.
    • Focus on fun and technical development.
    • Professional training by vested staff.
    • High quality facilities in Mt. Pleasant. 
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We are here for the youth, community and love of the game.

At FC Charleston we seek to re-affirm soccer as a community. We focus on developing well-rounded athletes, in a team-oriented environment where the club will feel like family and the emphasis is on group achievement and success. We foster a life-long love for the game, and in so doing forge life-long friendships, connections, and relationships that will extend far beyond the soccer pitch.

We want to unify the Lowcountry experience for youth in soccer. We are an affiliate of James Island Youth Soccer Club and have safe and quality field access across the Lowcountry.

We provide an affordable, safe, quality and innovative learning environment to stimulate an optimal culture to grow.


Integrity, Sportsmanship, Excellence and Empathy

Players are the central to what we do at FC Charleston. Players will participate with Self-Integrity to grow. Conduct Sportsmanship by playing the right way, knowing and following the rules, respecting all members of game and maintain self-control. Excellence in every aspect of the game from technical ball mastery, athletic development, tactical comprehension, psychological composure, and academic focus. Empathy in players' ability to understand and share the feelings of one another is essential to developing healthy and successful relationships. 


Commitment to a developmental pathway with the best interest of all players as priority.

Our coaching staff is the best and most experienced in the Lowcountry with over 50 years of combined coaching experience.  Our coaches hold coaching and playing experience from professional, collegiate, high school, and grass root ranks. Many of our coaches hold leadership positions in their respective professions that were originally fostered by a passion through the love of the game.

Diversity - We embrace and celebrate our differences because the game makes us one. Character - We honor, teach and develop the core values of honesty, loyalty, responsibility, selflessness, empathy, and discipline. Fun is the root that can make every soccer player a success translating to passion and love of the game to work hard, self-confidence and possess creativity. We promote Health and wellness to welcome experience in body, mind and spirit. We embrace technology and innovation to accessibility, make efficient, provide objective feedback, learning tools, and give players competitive advantage in their development journey.


FCC, JIYSC, CSC for Charleston Soccer Alliance

The Charleston Soccer Alliance look forward to enhancing the youth soccer experience in Charleston and collaborating with other that share the same vision, passion and commitment

May 3rd-13th, 2021. Location: Mt Pleasant Fields and Surrounding Areas.

Details to come.